A. Early years


Children with visual impairment


  Help your child with low vision and blindness (2006). Namita Jacob; The Hesperian Foundation.

   One page per theme; see also www.chetana.org.in and www.eyeway.org.


    Help me learn the confidence (English 170 KB)

    Help me discover the world (English 141 KB)

    Help your child see more easily (English 81 KB)

    Help me learn about new things (English 152 KB)


    See also (available for free download online): Helping children who are blind (2000).

    Sandy Niemann and Namita Jacob; The Hesperian Foundation. A book for parents of

    children with visual impairment.



     أريـنـي مـا يستطيع اصدقائي رؤيته

   Show me what my friends can see

    1991, Patricia Sonksen and Blanche Stiff. A short book for parents of children with visual

    impairment. Available in Arabic at the library of the German-Jordanian University for 2.50

    JDs (purchase in person only contact Christa Muhaidat tel.: 06 530 0666 ext. 240).

    The Arabic version of the book can also be ordered from Dr Ebtisam Al Alawi, Ministry of Health, Bahrain (ealawi@health.gov.bh)  ISBN 99901-04-84-0.


  عالمي الصغير

Flyer to guide the parents of young children with visual impairment on how to organize a closed play space for their child to discover.

April 2009, Nawal Othman and Fadya Abu Sqair. Project for the Vision Rehabilitation Program, German-Jordanian University (2 pages, 2 MB).


 بعض النصائح لأهالي الأطفال ذوي الاعتلال البصري

Advices for parents of young children with visual impairment. Text: Salma Abd-Aljaber, Suzan Al-Nadi, Nathalie Bussieres, Shaden Elewat, Namita Jacob and Naemeh Suleiman. Drawings and graphic design: Amer Daboub (1 page A3, 283 KB).




General Development


      دليل نمو وتطور طفلك

     Checklist for growing children (In English)

    2007, Based on various internet sources; collective work, Jordan. A starting point to follow up the

    development of normal children. Arabic and English 60 KB.


    صور أطفال

    Development photographs (80.6 MB or 2,6 MB)

    1980s, UNICEF India. A series of pictures that illustrates different stages of

    development in young children. Captions are in Arabic and English.