C. Low Vision




h نصائح وإرشادات عند التعامل مع الأطفال ذوي الضعف البصري؟

    Tips for teachers of children with low vision

    2007, Motaz AbuRadi, Nathalie Bussières and Shaden Elewat. In Arabic 26 KB.


h Workbooks for children with low vision

    2006, Nathalie Bussières, Motaz AbuRadi and Shaden Elewat. Exercise books designed for

    support teachers in working in areas where access to educational resources is limited.


      كتاب أعمالي الأول 

           Workbook 1  (instructions in English 39 KB). in Arabic 2.9 MB. 

    §    Eye movements for reading (right to left, horizontal);

    §    Graphic recognition skills;

    §    Tracing line, shapes and numbers with a pencil;

    §    Comparing pictures, shapes and sizes.


          كتاب أعمالي الثاني

                  Workbook 2 (instructions in English 40 KB); in Arabic 1.5 MB.  

    §    Tracing lines between points and lines;

    §    Making simple drawings;

    §    Comparing simple pictures.


            ►  كتاب أعمالي الثالث

              Workbook 3 (instructions in English 29 KB); in Arabic 1.9 MB. 

    §    Comparing difficult pictures;

    §    Visual memory.


            ►  كتاب أعمالي الرابع

              Workbook 4 (instructions in English 33 KB); in Arabic 8.5 MB. 

    §    Naming colors;

    §    Comparing colors.


            ► كتاب أعمالي الخامس

              Workbook 5 (instructions in English 59 KB); in Arabic 476 KB. 

    §    Scan letters and words;

    §    Recognize words and letter by their shape.


            ►  كتاب أعمالي السادس

            Workbook 6 (instructions in English 24 KB); in Arabic 759 KB.

    §    Write Arabic letters.


            ►  كتاب أعمالي السابع

       Workbook 7 (instructions in English 36 KB); in Arabic 972 KB.  

    §    Find a part or detail or action in photographs;

    §    Compare similar photographs;

    §    Understand perspective;

    §    Associate photographs with similar drawings;


h   حكاية من نور

    A Tale of Light (2008). Zeina Abumenneh, Suzann Kreis, Maged Ramzey and Jihan Zeidan, and SAE institute, Amman. Video 10 min. End-of-Diploma     Project 2008. In Arabic with English subtitles 147 MB.


h أسئلة

    Questions to children with low vision (in English).

    2007, Group work, Jordan.


Visual Aids


h بعض المعينات البصرية لضعاف البصر وكيفية استخدامها

      Manual done by diploma students on visual aids. Reema Al-Amodi, Abeer Al-Masoodi and Noura Al-Shami. In Arabic 1.2 MB


h أولياء أمور الطلبة    

    Information and instructions to parents when handing in visual aids to their child.

    Abdullah bin Um Maktom School for the Blind (Jordan). In Arabic 27 KB.


h  تدريب على أدوات ضعف البصر

      General principle when training the use of low vision devices. In Arabic 29 KB.


 Visual functioning


hمعلومات اخرى عن الوظائف البصرية

       Instructions for measuring visual acuities (near and distance) and visual field (confrontational).

    In Arabic 29 KB.


h   علي صفحة للقراءة عن قرب

    جيهان صفحة للقراءة عن قرب      

   Ali’s reading chart for first graders (6 y) and Jihan’s reading chart for sixth graders (12 y).

   2008, Vision Rehabilitation Program, German-Jordanian University. In Arabic 33 KB and 28 KB.

     Reading charts in English available on free download:

        o  text: http://www.szb.ch/files/417_Test_SZB_Englisch.pdf

        o  numbers : http://www.szb.ch/files/417_SZB Test%20geistig%20behinderte%20Menschen.pdf


h Forms:


        الأطفال ضعيفي البصر

            To explain a child's functioning to parents or teachers, 38 KB.


          Functional vision assessment. Collective work, Jordan. In English 200 KB.


         Color vision test (P 16) recording form. See Good-lite, www.good-lite.com and www.lea-test.fi.

            In English 61 KB.


           Contrast sensitivity recording form. See Good-lite, www.good-lite.com and www.lea-test.fi.

             In English 371 KB.