D. Others




·  أمراض العيون

    Description of eye diseases

    2008, Maged Ramzey and Dr. Mustafa Mehyar. In Arabic, 146 KB.


·  كيف تستخدم القطرات

    How to apply eye drops

    2007, Group work, Jordan. Particularly for the carers of children with glaucoma. In Arabic, 201 KB.


· الخدمات المقدمة للمعاقين بصريا في الأردن

    List of services available for people with visual impairment in Jordan

    2007. In Arabic 27 KB.


· المياه البيضاء

A booklet for patients with cataract

April 2009, Hayder Hussein and Ahmad Rashed. Project for the Vision Rehabilitation Program, German-Jordanian University, (12 pages, 1.22 MB).




·  نعم أستطيع

      I can

    2007, Slide show, 2 min. Ameen Harb and Nathalie Bussières, Jordan. In Arabic 75 MB.


· ناحية نور

    The End of Light

    2001, Video, 25 min produced by Satellite Television Services for Christians the Middle East and

    Compubraille, Egypt. In Arabic with German subtitles 130 MB.




·  نموذج  تقييم الدورة

   Assessment form for training course

    To be filled in by trainees. In Arabic, 62 KB.