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 Arab region


  الرؤية 2020: الحق في الإبصار

    Vision 2020: The Right to Sight.

    A number of documents are available on the Arabic webpage:



Arab Human Development Reports 

Arab Human Development Reports. Arab States UN Development Programs

            o       2002: Creating Opportunities for Future Generations

            o       2003: Building a Knowledge Society

            o       2004: Towards Freedom in the Arab World

            o       2005: Towards the Rise of Women in the Arab World

           Arabic: http://www.arab-hdr.org/reports.asp?rid=2.


  Children in Jordan Situation Analysis 2007/2008.

    UNICEF and National Council of Family Affairs.

    Arabic: http://www.unicef.org/sitan/files/SITAN_Jordan_Arabic.pdf

    or in English: http://www.unicef.org/sitan/files/SITAN_Jordan_Eng.pdf.



  Higher Education in the Arab States.

    2004, Munir Bashshur, UNESCO.

    In English only: http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0014/001407/140701e.pdf.




 ضيف البصر لكني سعيد

    See bad feel good

    2004, Krister Inde. About how it feels to be visually impaired.

    Arabic: http://www.certec.lth.se/doc/seebadfeelgood/ARABIC see bad feel good by K Inde.pdf

    In English: http://www.certec.lth.se/doc/seebadfeelgood/index.html.


 Optics for Low Vision Enabling

    2004, Jorgen Gustafsson. Thesis on eccentric viewing.

    In English: http://www.certec.lth.se/doc/opticsforlowvision/opticsforlowvision.pdf.